Staff Training

TRAINING is the name of the game

Training for the staff..

Training for the managers..

Training for the Café and Restaurant owners..

One of the most critical parts of running a business is training, without it your business is a rudderless ship looking for somewhere to run aground.

Training your staff well and continuously will deliver results both financially and in the improvement of the working environment.

Once training methods have been put into place either by the business owner, business manager or by a business consultant, the business will start to run like a well oiled machine.

Here are a number of training tools that should be added to the training toolbox….

1. Operations manual…All businesses should have one of these. It will play a big part in helping to communicate with staff. It will guide your staff and help them to adapt to the culture of your business.

2.Systems…As they say, the people run the systems and the systems run the business. How true this is, develop good systems and your business will flourish.

3.Written procedures…Many businesses have systems and procedures in place but most are not written they are in someone’s head. Having them written will create consistency.

4.Training sessions…Money well spent in my book, it doesn’t matter who delivers the training session as long as they know what they are doing. Many managers and owners can be taught how to train a staff group. Make the effort to make it happen.

5.Regular meetings…Have regular meetings at least biweekly. This time is worth its weight in gold. If you don’t wish to do this yourself or you don’t have a manager to do it, then ask your coach or consultant to chair the first couple of meetings. Meetings will provide many solutions for many problems, they will also help to provide ideas that will stimulate your business.

There will be an E-Mag download on this subject in the near future, if you would like to know more just contact us here.