Here are some FAQs that I hope will be useful to you in your hospitality business.
These are written as answers to questions I get asked over and over again by my Business Coaching Clients.

There are also links to articles I wrote to cover other vital issues which I see need discussing in my coaching travels.

I will be adding to both of these regularly, so do come back soon for another dose of the “good stuff”.


FAQ 1: Why do I have so many staff problems?

Answer: The hospitality industry is very transient, it is filled with employees who are working a second job, going to university or college, travelling the world or maybe just in between jobs and see it as a stepping stone to something better.
To be truthful without these people the industry would collapse but as an employer you must make it work in your favour. Read More… CLICK HERE

FAQ 2: I have worked hard all week but there is no profit.

Answer: This is a very common problem- plenty of revenue but little profit.
When GST came in a few years ago it played a big part in the shrinking of profits. Many restaurants and cafes are not taking any more money now than they were pre GST days so in effect they have just absorbed the GST costs and when the BAS is due it just wipes out the bank account.
I look around and see many cafes selling coffees at prices Read More… CLICK HERE

FAQ 3: I am buying a cafe but do not have much experience- any advice?

Answer: First of all I must ask you WHY? Do you have a death wish ? Going into any business without a substantial amount of experience is the best way to commit financial suicide.
Some people get the notion that they are sick of corporate life or Read More… CLICK HERE

FAQ 4: How can I get more time away from my business?

Answer: A secret so many business owners would like to know. Some small businesses can be so demanding the owner feels like a slave.
In fact until your business can run along nicely for good periods of time without you, it is not a good business it’s a just a job that might pay well but hell its hard work.

There are some main ingredients you are going to need Read More… CLICK HE